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Welcoming Migrants

In the past three months, Denver has done a remarkable job of providing shelter for more than 3000 migrants who have arrived and/or passed through our city. Most of these individuals have made an unthinkable journey from South America to escape persecution, violence, or poverty. Denver and the state of Colorado have helped many of these individuals and families with transportation costs to get their desired destinations.

Recently the number of daily arrivals have sharply decreased from the end of the year when we were seeing more than 120 each day. And still, nearly 1000 individuals remain in temporary shelter here in the Denver area. We are proud of our hospitality efforts over the last four months in which Project Renew was able lead alongside other non-profit partners to provide temporary shelter and transition care to more than 100 individuals. We saw more than 250 volunteers step up to serve and coordinate in a variety of ways.

We also assisted more than 20 individuals toward finding more permanent housing here in the Denver area. It’s the collaborative work of helping people find creative housing options that will be most import in the days ahead.

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